Step By Step Guide To Rank your blog faster in 2021

Rank your blog faster.

Starting a blog?? Is it that easy!!

Starting a blog seems easy for many, but believe me, it is not if you don’t do it in the right way. If you plan to start a new blog from scratch, then read it carefully and try to implement it.

Many of you come across popular blogs managed by famous bloggers, and you immediately jump in to launch your own. But hold on and take a deep breath, do proper research of things that really matters for blogging.

Is it too late to start a blog?

It’s never too late to start anything if you really mean it and have a passion for it. But if you are excited only after coming across some bloggers who earn big bucks, then go slow, baby.

Content writing and blogs

Content writing for blogs is not one-dimensional, where you just write about subjects or topics.

You need to be multidimensional with sources, data, problem-solving ability.

Let me ask you some questions

  1. Are you serious about blogging?
  2. Your niche is your hobby too?
  3. Will you continue blogging if you don’t make a single penny for a year?
  4. Can you dedicate 2 hours daily to your blog?
  5. Are you ready to invest a small amount of Rs 4000 to 5000 ($60 to $80)

So if one of the answers to the above questions is no, then I seriously ask you to reconsider your plans. And if your answers are yes, let me help you set up a responsive blog that can rank faster than you think.

Choose your blogging platform.

Choosing your platform is the first thing you need to do. So what you need to consider is where you want to take your blogging and choose accordingly. 

So here are the platforms and their pros and cons.

Blogger(Blogging with google)

‘s a free platform provided by Google for bloggers. It is one of the best platforms to start blogging and learn what blogging is and how you do it.

 It’s completely free and has many themes to offer. Google will host your blog, so there are no worries about your blog going down or not working.

 It has some limitations; though it holds the brand name of google stills, it is challenging to rank your site in search engines as its users are rarely considered serious bloggers. But it is not. 

 So why am I even telling you this if it is so unlikely to rank blogger high!!

 Here is the catch what is the best method to get free traffic to the Blogger site?

You can add a custom domain to Blogger by purchasing a domain name only. So from where you can get a custom domain, to know about cheap custom domain providers, you can refer to my post related to the domain name and purchasing techniques. Always use a fast-loading blogger template for better results.

To download the minima coloured 3 mag style template, click here. This is one of the best SEO-friendly templates for bloggers and fast-loading blogger templates. 

 If you want Adsense approval on your blog, I will provide you with the fastest theme for Blogger.

Like blogger WordPress also provides a free platform to start your blogging career. You can create your own blog for free and WordPress will host it for you. 

 There are some limitations like customization in the free version and you will not be able to customize your website to a great extent. Though WordPress provides you a business account against an annual charge of more than $100 or 7000Rs.

In the business version, you can customize your blog, and also you can add several plugins that will make your life easier as a blogger.

WordPress is an open-source platform to create and customize your blog or website. It hosts your website locally and provides you with tons of plugins and add-ons. 

 But you have to find a domain and hosting provider to make your blog live.

With plugins and add-ons, WordPress also provides you with almost 30000 free themes and paid themes if you want more advanced ones.

If you ask me the drawbacks of WordPress then probably it’s the limitation of customization. 

Ok, let me make it a little simple for you to understand. It’s like you are provided with a big house and you can customize it to your choice but you can’t break the basic structure which is the house.


Joomla is also an open-source platform to create your blog, and like WordPress, you have to buy a custom domain and hosting for your blog.

We can find thousands of free themes, plugins, and add-ons for free, but like WordPress, it has limitations, too when it comes to total customization.

As far as getting support, you will find it easier in as it is widely used, and you can find tons of videos on YouTube and find web developers very easily for WordPress. 

HTML, CSS, JavaScript 

If you are aware of coding, then there is no better option than HTML as you can customize it according to you and there are no limitations.

You also have to buy a domain name and host the same but believe me, ranking an HTML website is far more comfortable than others.

Connect with me if you want to learn to create an HTML-based website in an hour.

You can download a sample HTML blog format from the below link.

 HTML website demo


So after creating your blog, you have to start writing content or to be specific excellent content. How to do that!!

SEO content writing is writing for humans, keeping an eye on search engines.

Most people spend their time researching keywords for their niche and writing content by inserting those keywords wherever they can.

Of course, they were not paying attention to other things on the SEO page as well.

Yes, it does not make sense to me at all.

I’m not against it. I agree that bold keywords in the content matter in terms of SEO; only if your website appears on search engines’ top pages. However, the approach to content writing focused on search engines has to change.

Writing SEO content does not mean that your main motivation is to build your website. Make sure you write for your readers, not the other way around.

Search engines’ main purpose is to provide relevant and informative content for surfers; show positive results that add value to people with their search queries.

To know more about how to write content, you can refer to my other posts.

On-page SEO 

On-page SEO is as necessary as other things to rank your page. Many people concentrate on backlinking, social promotion, paid ads but don’t pay enough attention to on-page SEO.

Just imagine you own a hotel, and your hotel rooms are messy and smelly, then no matter how much you advertise or how intelligently you pull your customers, your customers will leave your hotel as soon as they arrive.

Same with On-page SEO, you need to organize and optimize your blog so that from search engines to visitors all will like it at first glance. 

First, you need to select your theme for your content; your content should align with your theme. The content should not look out of place. 

For example, if your blog is an educational one and chose a glittery theme, it will look awful, and the visitor will leave as soon as they land. Instead, you should choose a simple yet elegant for your blog.

For on-page SEO you need to take care of several other things like sitemap, meta title, and description, short permalink, images and graphics, web page load speed, SSL certificate, language tag, canonical tag, navigation, and others.

For an example of a Language tag for your blog, paste it below the head tag and replace the with your blog’s URL.

To target a different country you can change the language class to ‘en’ to others like ‘en-us’, ‘en-GB’ or ‘fr’ .


en-us = English for USA

en-gb = English for Great Britain

fr= France

rel=”alternate” href=”” hreflang=”en” />
You can read my other post to know in detail about Onpage SEO.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is as important as on-page SEO. It is like standing outside your newly opened shop and pulling customers in a decent way.

When your blog is relevantly new you need to do proper off-page SEO. Once you are established and have a viewer base then off-page SEO will be less needed as your viewers will provide you backlinks and promotions free of cost.

So what do you need to do ??

Start with social media promotion, backlink building, and then you can try paid social media marketing and search engine marketing.

Every category has its own traffic base and when applied in combination can land huge traffic on your blog.

To check Backlinks and off-page SEO activities you need some paid tools like Ahref or Semrush. But these tools come with a huge price tag.

So what’s the solution!!

Ok, you can use freemium tools like ubersuggest but it has limitations too in the free version.

You can go for shared tools platforms where these pricey tools are provided at a cheap price because they are shared with others. So you have some limitations there too as you can search for 10 domains per day. But if you are buying this for personal use then this limit is fine for you.

Small SEO tools

Small SEO tools is a perfect website for beginners where you can find SEO small tools like online free plagiarism checker with 1000 word limits, small SEO backlink checker, and other SEO tools which can help you in on-page and off-page SEO.