7 Steps to learn Content Writing in no time

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How to learn content writing

Content writing has become a career these days, but it is not new rather it is one of the oldest jobs of the modern world.

Content is communication in a variety of ways. A content writer is the one who develops original content that is understandable to others while not being stereotyped. 
If you have a blog or you write something on a Facebook page, you are a content writer. 
A professional content writer researches a given topic, compiles information, and writes an article. This document can include discussions, data, figures, predictions, or ideas.

Digital marketing has made many changes in traditional writing. Content writing has evolved and now it's not only writing content but also taking care of its associates.

Unlike other professions in content writing, there are tools that can help you but creating automated content or article spinners are yet to be successful. In the content writing industry, the human touch is still ruling, unlike other industry which is fast-moving towards machine learning, AI, or deep learning.

So the author must develop the article in a way, which can attract the attention of the people and engage them.

With the advent of content writing, the first field could be a content writer in digital markets - Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are impressive platforms to start or share your work.

Freelance, blogger, author, and old content writer, NGO's content writing are good options too. If you have technical knowledge or degree you can work as a professional content writer, social media writer, if you like stories you can take news article writing, writing activities, and much more.

You will need to have the writing skills recommended for these activities and you should also learn how to learn content writing.

Your article should attract people by first glance and should make them read it through the end.

So here are the ideas to grow as a content writer.

Write more - 

"Practice makes a man perfect": A famous quote

This sounds like a cliché, but you can't ignore it. If you want to be a successful content writer, you have to write every day. 

 It can be anywhere and on any topic. It will improve your writing skills and boost your confidence. 

You can write on Quora, Medium, other social media platforms, or in your diary. The more you write, the closer you get to your goal. 

Set a target to write every day. E.g. I write at least 500 words every day on any platform. I have a full-time job. If I don't have time, I spend the night writing, but I never miss it.

I will suggest you write on Quora, Medium, Reddit, and sites where knowledge sharing occurs. You also can use tools like INK, Hemingway, or any other to write and store it. To know about the writing tools you can refer to my other post.

Read, Read and Read-

The mantra for success is reading a lot, subscribe yourself on the online forums and read the posts. Read it loudly, so that you can hear your voice clearly.

Improve your language skills - 

Work continuously on grammar and vocabulary, no matter which language you choose to write your content. 
They say that if you read 1000 pages, you will be able to write 100 pages. So read newspapers and blogs of your niche.

Spend at least an hour each day developing your language skills. This will definitely pay you back on time.

Be careful about the subject-

There are millions of subjects to produce content on. You need to find your takers carefully, you cannot write or make a video about everything. 

There has to be something that you specialize in or is something that interests you. That is the area you need to work in.

what is content writing

Start your own website - 

Just as it is difficult to imagine a doctor without his stethoscope, it is difficult to imagine a content writer without his website. 

Your website is your first portfolio to showcase your resume. It helps not only to find customers but also to build your technical skills.

There are many free blogging platform, as an amateur, you can always go for them.

Sign up for a short course - 

There are many courses available online at reasonable prices. Do not go to expensive courses that want to give you more certificates. 

Trust me, no one cares about your certificate; not a single company has asked for a certificate so far. Just get the right information and that's enough. And just FYI, a content writing course from IIM Skills which can be really helpful.

You also can enrol yourself in Udemy or any online course. Check before you enrol and complete it in time. Usually, they provide you some videos, you can watch them until you get the full juice out of it.

Advertise yourself and your content - 

These days, content marketing is more accessible than content writing. No one wants content that is well-written but that is based on the fourth page of Google search. 

And for that, you need to learn the basics of digital marketing. Also, if you plan to work as a freelancer, sign up for Google Business so clients can find you. Manage your social media, directly and indirectly, to promote your content.

 Get closer to employers/clients - 

Once you have completed your portfolio, start applying for jobs on LinkedIn, Naukri, etc. If you want to redo things, there are many platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. 

You may find it difficult to break into the first few deals but once they are gone nothing can stop you. And if you are struggling to get the first contract, go for internships. The internship may not give you a lot of leadership but it will give you a solid portfolio and experience.

You can also join content writer groups on social networking sites where often people post their jobs. You can grab the opportunity right from there.

 Be patient - 

If you are following all the above, then just relax and wait for your turn which is about to come. Never compromise on any of the above as these are the basic things every the content writer should follow.

Take the time to build your portfolio because employers do not get impressed unless you have a detailed and well-written portfolio.

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