25 important Google analytics interview questions

Google Analytics is one of the best available tools for you, and almost all webmasters and SEO experts use it. Google Analytics interview questions are the most important things to prepare When you are going for an SEO job and want to crack the interview. So let’s discuss some most important Google Analytics interview questions and their answers.

Google Analytics was originally developed by a company named Urchin, and Google acquired it in 2005. Since then, it is called Google Analytics, and since then, Google has made several changes and updates in it.

How Google Analytics work

  • Data collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Data compile
  • Report generation

Google analytics interview questions

  •  What is Google Analytics in brief?

Google Analytics is a free-to-use tool provided by Google that monitors traffic to your website and analyzes their behavior with every detail of them. 

  •  How to integrate Google Analytics into your website?

Under the admin section, you will find the add property button; you can add your website. Once added, google will provide you with a JavaScript code known as tracking code that you have to paste in your website’s head section. Once pasted, google will start monitoring your traffic. 

  •  Where you paste your GA code?

If you are on blogger on WordPress, you can add the code in the head section of the theme, but if you have a hard code website, you have to paste it in the head section of every page.

  • What is a session in GA?

It is time a user is active on your page. If a user is inactive for 30 minutes, then the next activity will be counted as a new session, and if a user returns to your website within the 30 minutes of ending his last session, then his visit will be counted in the same session, and there will be now new session for that.

  • What is bounce rate, and how to reduce it?

The bounce is when a user is triggered to one of your pages but ends that session without navigating to any other page or activity on your website. The rate is calculated by dividing bounce sessions by the total no of sessions.  To reduce bounce rate, you naturally change user interference, write more engaging content, and interlink pages. Also, you can do it by firing some welcome messages, happy to help, or any other script.

  • What should be the ideal bounce rate?

The ideal bounce rate for any website should be 30% or less. You need some changes if the bounce rate is from 30% to 70%, and if it is over 70 percent, you need some serious changes to your landing page.

  • What is the Goal funnel in GA?

It is the series of pages through which a user passes to complete your goal. as an example, if you have an online education website, then it will be like  Landing Page ==>Contact us page ==> Thank you page

  • What is Session duration?

It is calculated in seconds; it’s the total time a user spends during a session.

  • Can a user define the session duration?

Yes, the user can change the session duration. By default, it is set to 30 minutes but we can adjust as per our need. To change session duration click the Gear icon on the bottom left-hand side and then click on ‘Tracking Info’.

It will expand the Tracking info and then click on ‘Session setting’.

Under the Session setting, you can adjust the session timing according to you. The lowest you can set as 0 minutes while the highest you can set is 59 minutes.

Then click on Apply and your setting will be saved.

  • What is Real-time Data in Google Analytics?

Real-time data shows the current users or visitors on your page at any point in time. It also shows their location and other attributes.

  • What are Active users, and where can you find them?

Active users in Google Analytics have completed one or more sessions in a given time period. You can find this tab under the Audience section. You can find out active users for your website for a selected time range.

Google Analytics interview questions
Google Analytics interview questions
  • What will you find under Demographics, and how will it help you?

It shows the age and gender of your audience. It helps you to make your future decisions and content customization.

  • What improvements can you suggest to the client by examining the Google Analytics report?

This can differ according to the full report and looking at different parameters.

  • What are the major differences between old analytics and new Google Analytics 4.0?

Many things have been changed in the new analytics 4, but the significant one is the “event.” In the old version of analytics, there were 4 predefined events, whereas, in the new analytics, you can add custom events for your website.

  • What is conversion in Google Analytics?

Conversion in Google Analytics is related to the webmaster’s goals and when it is achieved. It can be anything like clicking a link, buying a product, submitting a form, or downloading something.

  • What is Cohort Analysis?

In cohort analysis is about several users who share some common characteristics. For example, you can find audience retention, which means how many of your audiences are returning to your website or blog. You can find different metrics in the filter, like Goal completion, page views, etc.

cohort analysis
Google analytics interview questions
  • What can you find in the Interest tab, and how can it help you?

In this tab, you can find your users’ interests who have visited your website or blog. And this section is helpful when designing your ads on Google. In this tab, we can find affinity categories; that is, the users who have visited our website are interested in which areas. This report helps us when placing Google Ads. 

  • Can you connect Google ads and google analytics?

Yes, you can connect Google ads and analytics accounts; this will help you design your ads more efficiently.

  • How to connect Google Search Console to GA?

Go to ‘Acquisition’ and then to ‘Search Console’. For the first time, you need to set up to connect both. You just need to follow the instruction.

  • How to find the page’s performance in GA?

Under the Behavior, you can find the site content; under that, you can find the page option where you can find the performance of your website’s different pages.

Page performance in GA
Google analytics interview questions
  • How can you exclude your own visit from GA?

You can do so by setting a filter for excluding your IP address in Analytics, so your or your team members’ visit will not be counted as a visitor or user. To set the filter Admin==>All filters==>Add filter Add a filter name==>select filter type==>select source or destination==>select expression==>enter the IP address==>apply filter view==>save And your filter will be saved.

Wrapping up

These are some major Google Analytics interview questions and their answers. If you have any queries or suggestions, then you can comment below or contact me personally.

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