How do you crosspost on Reddit? The Best way described

If you want to know how do you crosspost on Reddit (posting the same content across different subreddit at one go), then read this carefully as I am going to tell you how it works and what are advantages and disadvantages of it.

Before telling you how do you crosspost on Reddit, let me give you a brief introduction to Reddit and how it works. And Why it is so popular.

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Reddit is a web content and debate website. This social news aggregation claims to be “the front page of the Internet” and its creator, including recently living stream content via Reddit Public Access Network. This is a website that is also called Reddit.

Registered members submit to the site that other members vote for or against content such as links, text messages, photos, and videos. The posts are organized into “communities” or “subreddits” that cover different themes, including news, politics, religion, science, theatre, films, video games, music, books, sports, and fitness. More submissions appear at the top and, if enough up-votes are given, eventually on the front page of the website. Despite strict harassment prohibitions, administrators of Reddit have to moderate and sometimes close the communities.

The moderators, not Reddit employees, are also moderated by community-specific moderators.

Registered members submit links, text posts, pictures, and videos that are then voted up or down to the site by other members to a site Postings are organized into “communities” or “subreddits ” by subject matter which covers several topics such as news, politics, religious issues, science, film, video games, music, books, sports, fitness, cooking, animals, and image-sharing.

Submissions that receive more up-to-date votes appear at the top of their sub-notices and ultimately at the site front if they receive enough up-votes. Although strict rules forbidding harassment, the administrative boards of Reddit need to moderate and sometimes close the communities. Moderation is also carried out by moderators of that specific community who are not necessarily Reddit employees.

Alexa which is now owned by Amazon and ranks websites by their traffic has ranked Reddit at the 18th position in the world in terms of traffic and the 7th most frequently visited website in the US since February 2021.

In March 2021, visits from mobile devices and PCs were combined to 1687 million in Reddit.

Some 42-49.3% of its user base is from the United States, followed by 7.9-8.2% from the United Kingdom and 5.2-7.8% from Canada. 22% of U.S. adults between 18 and 29 years of age, and 14% of U.S. adults between 30 and 49 years of age, regularly use Reddit.

Site Overview

Reddit is a website with the content of users that is discussed through the newsletter board system, including photos, videos. links and text messages ” Reddit” is the phrase “read it,” i.e., “I read it on Reddit.” “Reddit.”According to Reddit, around 430 million users were called ‘Redditors in 2019. The content of this website is divided into “sub-edits,” categories or community groups of which more than 138,000 active communities are located on-site.

The core content of Reddit, as a network of communities, includes messages from its users.

 For further conversation, users can comment on the posts of others.

A key feature of Reddit is that users can vote for every Post and comment on the website, either positive or negative, as upvotes and downvotes, respectively. The number of uploads or downloads determines how visible these posts are on the website, so the most famous content is received.

The Canadian Supreme Court’s “karma” can also be earned for their posts, comments, and status, which reflect their position in the community. The posts will be automatically archived after six months, meaning that no more comments or votes can be made.

On the front page, you can see the most popular posts in the many subreddits on the website for those who browse the site without an account.

The front page displays the popular subscription page with high-ranked posts across the entire Reddit system, excluding non-safe working communities and others most commonly filtered out by users, by default for those users even if they are safe to work. The report was submitted in French. The r/all sub-run does not filter subjects. 

Users And Moderators

Registering a Reddit account is free, and no email address is required. Registered users can also create their subreddits on a subject of their choice and comment and vote. Usernames start with “u/” in Reddit style.


Subreddits are user-created fields of interest for Reddit discussions. As of July 2018, approximately 138,000 active subreddits (out of 1,2 million in total) existed.  The report [85] The names “subdivided” start with “r/,” for example, “r/Science” is a community that discusses scientific subjects while “r/television” is a community devoted to T.V. shows.

 Subreddits often use thematic variants in the visual style of their communities of Reddit’s alien mascot, Snoo.

How do you Crosspost On Reddit?

How do you crosspost on Reddit via P.C.?

Step 1: Under any post, you want to crosspost on Reddit, click on the Share button. Click on Crosspost from the drop-down menu.

How do you crosspost on Reddit?
How do you crosspost on Reddit?

Step 2: Select the community that you want to crosspost on the next page, then enter a name or citation and, if necessary, add a label or flair. Click Post then. Then.

To avoid suspension or banning, the rules of particular communities should always be read before crossposting. Some Reddit communities do not allow content or certain kinds of content or links to be entirely crossposted.

How do you crosspost on Reddit for Android?

1-Scroll to Reddit and tap the Share button for the Post you wish to intersect.

2-Tap Crosspost on Reddit from the options available.

3-On the next page, select the community the content you want to crosspost, enter a crosspost name or quote, and if needed, add an image.

4-Tap on the mail then.

How to crosspost on Reddit via iOS?

1-Tap the Share button to scroll to the Post you want to crosspost Reddit.

2-Tap Crosspost from the options available.

3-Select the community or profile you want to transfer the contents to the next page.

4-Enter a crosspost title or quote.

5-Tap on the mail then.

Other Features

Reddit Premium is a premium membership, which allows users to view the site free of charge. Users may also be gifted coins if a user especially values the comment or posting, usually for humorous or high-quality content. Reddit Premium releases several features that regular users cannot access, such as comment markers, exclusive surcharges, and custom snow (known as an “innovator”).

Reddit Premium in 2018 was renamed Reddit Gold. In addition to gold coins, users can also reward other users for their quality content by donating silver and platinum coins.

Every year on the site, the editors commemorate their “cake day” on the anniversary of the creation of their accounts.

 Day cake adds an icon for 24 hours to the user’s name of a bit of cake.

Reddit has developed its chat software for the website in 2017.

 While some well-established subreddits have chatted about their communities using third-party software, the company has developed chat functions that it hopes will become part of Reddit. Individual chat rooms were routed in 2017, and community chat rooms were routed in 2018 for a given subreddit member.

Reddit tested a new feature in 2019, allowing users to type other features. It was available only to a user named Chris by the alias u/shittymorph, who had posted well-written comments, to finish with the same copypasta that refers to the 1998 Hell in a Cell match between Wrestler The Undertaker and Humanity.


The Underlying Code

Reddit was originally written in Common Lisp but, in December 2005, was rewritten in Python to increase code library access and flexibility in its development. The Python web framework developed by Swartz to run the website,, is open source. From November 10, 2009, the web frame for Reddit was Pylons.

From June 18, 2008, until 2017, Reddit was an open-source project. All of Reddit’s code and libraries, except for spam/cheat processes, were available freely on GitHub during this period.

In its September 2017 announcement, the company said, “We’ve been making a great mistake in keeping our open-source product repositories up to date,” partly because “open-source makes it hard for us to develop features in the open without too far. In advance, leaking our plans.”


In November 2009 Reddit moved to cloud servers of AWS or Amazon Web Service by dismantling its servers. Reddit uses PostgreSQL for its database management. It uses RabbitMQ to process the offline, HAProxy to balance loads, and Memcached to cache.

Reddit began to use jQuery at the beginning of 2009.

Wrapping Up how do you crosspost on Reddit

So this is how do you crosspost on Reddit on PC, Android, and iPhone. If you have any suggestions or comments please comment below.