Drive Organic Traffic To Your Website By These Latest Tricks in 2021

To drive organic traffic to your websites and earn money from Ads or affiliate marketing is the biggest challenge that a new blogger faces. You can always drive traffic from social media platforms or forums but you will see how organic traffic is way more qualitative than social one if you compare the traffics from both sources.

You will find the bounce rate and session duration always better with traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. There are other small search engines too from where you can drive organic traffic.

2020 and more than half of 2021 have almost gone by, and the pandemic has taken a heavy chunk out of it. Pandemic has harmed the businesses around the world but at the same time created a huge opportunity for online business as people preferring to stay at home and operate their business through the internet.

Last year the addition of websites and blogs was much higher than in 2019 or 2018. So with more websites and blogs, ranking your website becomes harder than before, and now it needs a continuous and polished way of approach to achieve the results. So you need to know some excellent SEO tricks to rank higher in 2021.

Recently I ranked my client’s website rank at the top (No 1) for some keywords in just 2 months. So how I did it? What are the tricks I followed? You can contact me personally for proof as disclosing the client’s name and URL will be a breach of contract.

So let’s discuss the latest SEO tricks to rank higher and to drive organic traffic

Proper keyword research

Yes, I know you have heard this term many times and somehow you also implement it on your website or blog. But let me give you a formula that is easy for keyword research and placement.

How Much Keywords you should use in a Post

Let’s assume your blog post has around 1000 words, then you should not have more than One focus keyword and 4 LSI keywords. Use your focus keywords from 1 to 2 percent in the entire post and LSI keywords around 5 to 6 times. Make sure your keywords going well with your post and it doesn’t feel stuffed.

Use the main keyword in the title, meta description, first paragraph, in a subheading, and in the last paragraph.

KGR or Keyword Golden Rule

Use the “allintitle” method to determine how many blogs and websites are using the keyword in their post title. It is called KGR (Keyword Golden Rule). But the search volume of the keyword should be less than 250 or 350 maximum.

So, search the keyword in google with “allintitle:” before it. Note down the number of the result pages and now divide the number of results by keyword volume.

Example- Let us have a keyword “online food delivery in Bhubaneswar“. As per the Google keyword planner, the total volume is 210 per month.

Drive Organic Traffic To Your Website
Drive Organic Traffic

Let’s search the keyword with “allintitle” in the Google search engine and see what it results.

Drive Organic Traffic To Your Website
Drive Organic Traffic

You can see the total result is 39 numbers. So if you divide the numbers now then it is 39/210. So the result is 0.185 which is lower than 0.250. This keyword research technique can give you fast results as these keywords are easy to rank.

You also don’t need any expensive keyword tool to do this task. Instead, you can write a post about these keywords and drive organic traffic.

DQR keyword research technique to drive organic traffic

You can also use DQR (Double Quote Result) technique. When you enter your keyword between two double quotes and search on Google, it shows webpages using the keyword in post title and URL. If the result shows are less than 200, then you can definitely go with the keyword. This technique is not explained by many, but you can use this to the best.

Drive Organic Traffic To Your Website
Drive Organic Traffic

What should be the volume?

If you are starting your blog, I will recommend you use the KGR and DQR technique and find low competition keywords and have moderate volume. This technique is used by ace bloggers to drive organic traffic to their new blog as you need easy keywords until Google starts trusting you.

Choose keywords that have moderate search volume and low competition. For this there are many tools available but if you prefer a free keyword research tool the install ubersuggest Chrome extension. It’s an in SERP free keyword research tool.

Keyword tools to use for free

You can use Google keyword planner, Google trends, and Question hub for keywords and topic research. Google keyword planner will provide you with the most authenticate search volume, while Google trend will show you the trend of that particular keyword.

When searching for the trend of a long-tail keyword, do not put the whole keyword in Google trends. rather put the seed keyword so that Trend shows you the accurate data of the keyword.

Example- Suppose our keyword is ” how to write a blog post” then we can enter the seed keyword in trend as “write a blog post” and it will show the accurate data.

Another free keyword research tool is wordstream free keyword research tool. Several other keyword tools offer a free trial period which you can utilize or the Uberssuggest chrome extension will give an idea of the keyword difficulty.

But do not over depend on them rather check the keyword difficulty by yourself.


Just put your keyword in Google search and look at the top 20 results in the SERP. If you find the most websites that are ranking there are too big websites as compared to you then drop that keyword as it will be too difficult for you to rank your website with that keyword.

Bonus Tip- If you find Reddit or Quora in the top 5 results then you can get sure that the Keyword is easy.

If the websites on SERP are equal or slightly big websites than your website then you can certainly go with the keyword but keep it in your mind that you should optimize your post in a better way than then.

That means you can provide more details with citations, use all the keywords they are using besides the focus keyword and use more images and embedded videos in your post to explain all your points in a better manner.

These small steps will ultimately help you to rank your blog post higher on SERP which will drive more organic traffic to your website without much of your effort in sharing your post on different social media platforms or creating backlinks.

Provide links in your post that will lead to your other posts or page and also to other authoritative websites. But don’t push your anchor tests, rather choose your anchor tests according to the content.

It’s always advisable to use your keywords as your anchor text. Having internal and external links makes the search engines crawl your website more frequently and also it increases the authority score.

Create web 2.0 backlinks, these backlinks work both ways like increases your domain authority and also brings huge traffic if used properly. Platforms like Pinterest, Listly, Tumblr, Reddit, etc bring huge traffic and also increases backlink profiles.

Image is the new way to search the internet, but adding simple images to your website or blog is not going to help. Try to add info graphs with title and alt text. Use LSI keywords for the alternate text.

Wrapping up how to drive organic traffic

These are some important steps to increase your blog ranking and drive more traffic to your blog or website. If you have any comments, suggestions, or query you can comment below or contact me.