How to remove WhatsApp ban easily

Are you tensed because your Whatsapp is banned and you can not contact anyone through it? In this post, we will discuss how to remove WhatsApp ban easily.

Whatsapp has banned 30 lakh or 3 million accounts for sending bulk messaged through mod apk.

Whatsapp may temporarily ban you if it finds out that you are using mod apk rather than official WhatsApp like FMWhatsapp, WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp. And if you don’t stop using them then Whatsapp may permanently ban you.

But if you have done that and still your account is banned then we will talk about how to remove WhatsApp ban easily.

If your WhatsApp account has been blocked or banned for any reason, don’t worry. Following the introduction of WhatsApp ban review features on iOS, the company is now working on the same feature for Android.

According to news WhatsApp introduces new WhatsApp Ban Review features that enable you to send reports directly to WhatsApp via the app’s interface if you believe your account has been unfairly banned.

Users will be able to request a ban review

When you are banned, the app will display a message that says something like “This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp due to spam, but chats are still on this device.” You will now have the option to “Request a review” at the bottom of the same screen.

You can be banned while using the WhatsApp application for a variety of reasons, and some activities may be classified as spam.

For more information, you can specify the reason or activity for which the ban was imposed.

This is how the Ban Review feature will function and remove WhatsApp ban easily

After a user submits a request, WhatsApp’s support team will review it, including reviewing the user’s account activity to see if anything goes wrong. Following submission, the Company will review the banned account and verify device information to determine the reason for the account ban.

This is how you’ll gain access to your WhatsApp account

If the company discovers that their system incorrectly flagged the user’s account after conducting their review, they will restore the user’s account.

A window will appear congratulating you and informing you that your account has been restored and that the WhatsApp system incorrectly flagged your account. Following login verification, you will be able to access your account once more.

If not, the ban will remain in effect, and users will be forced to use a different phone number to access WhatsApp. According to Wabetainfo, this feature is being developed for WhatsApp beta for Android and will be available with the next update.