When To Replace The Projector?

When should I change my home cinema projector to a new model or replace the projector? Here are a number of signs to consider for its replacement.

Should I repair a video projector or Replace The Projector?

The video projector market also offers you a very wide choice. In this sense, you can find models with very cheap traditional lamps starting from 10,000 INR, up to more advanced products that exceed 35,000 INR.

In between, there is a whole series of products able to satisfy most needs, obviously for those who are satisfied. By investing from 10,000 to 20,000 INR you can buy home cinema projectors with a decent visual performance.

In the face of on average cheap purchase prices, the convenience of repairing most of the time vanishes. For low-cost products from a few thousand INR, it is often not even worth replacing the exhausted lamp. We are not talking about the LED models that offer long life (even over 20,000 hours) and in case they fail, the repair easily exceeds the cost of the new one.

So, except for simple cleaning operations of the optical group or products of adequate cost in which it is always a good idea to request a quote, in all other cases the damaged appliance probably ends up in landfills.

Switching to a better model for Replace The Projector

Even if your projector still works flawlessly, it may be time to replace it with a more suitable model for your needs. Most of the top projectors under 10000 rely on the advantages offered by laser lighting, it is capable of handling 4K signals and 3D content, as well as ensuring Wi-Fi connection. If you want to insert the projector in a home theater system you will have to switch to a device with particular technical characteristics and the most advanced display technologies.

Image quality deterioration

Altered projections and much duller colors than usual are a clear sign of a problem. The main reason is the loss of brightness of the lamp which obviously wears out over time. Consider that on average the life of a traditional lamp is between 1,500 and 6,000 hours depending on the model. The projectors have a counter to understand when it is time to replace them, without having to wait for obvious signals.

In more performing models, when the appliance is switched on, a message appears warning of the need to intervene. My advice is not to extend the use of the lamp too far beyond the limit, which could also explode and irreparably damage the projector. Even a laser model wears out over time, however, the decay occurs more uniformly, and the duration reaches 20,000 hours without problems.

In video projectors, there is another reason that leads to a progressive deterioration of the images, namely the dust deposited inside the optical group or on the protective glass. To dissipate the heat caused by lighting, many models integrate a fan that draws in fresh air from the outside.

Special filters retain the dust but, losing efficiency, small particles end up depositing on the lens, altering the projected image. Therefore, in addition to changing the lamp, you must clean the optics and periodically replace any filter. Cleaning operations must always be carried out by a qualified technician.

Excessive noise

We have just seen how most projectors are equipped with one or more fans to dissipate the heat, so the operation is certainly not silent. However, if you notice the presence of abnormal noises or in any case more annoying than usual, it could be a problem with the intake system. It is advisable to promptly check the anomaly as excessive heat would end up damaging other components.

The projector does not turn on

If, after connecting the power supply correctly, no indicator lights up, it means that there is a fault in the internal circuit. Often a voltage spike can cause some components to short out and sometimes even damage the processor and lamp. In these cases, there is no other solution than to take the device to a repair center or replace it with a new product.

Unable to control the projector

The latest generation models are devices equipped with processors, internal memory, Wi-Fi connectivity, and operating system, that is to all effects of small computers. It is not uncommon for them to crash and stop responding to commands making them unusable.

Before contacting a service center, you can attempt a reset to restore the appliance to its factory conditions. Sometimes a software update is enough to solve the problem, while damage to some electronic component requires the intervention of a technician.

Audio with problems

Projectors not only reproduce the image but can also process the audio. The best products are equipped with average performance systems with high-quality speakers capable of creating discrete virtual surround effects. In the absence of audio or presence of hiss and distortion, you must first check the connections with the source. If everything is correct the problem is almost certainly one or more damaged speakers.

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