How to Earn Money using LinkedIn in 2024

Today we are going to tell you about how someone can earn money using LinkedIn.

Many people think that LinkedIn is a stage from where you can communicate with people, make some quotes and post them, photos, videos, and many other things. Currently, LinkedIn has 600 million active members with coverage in more than 200+ countries. It is the biggest search engine in business orientation.

But if you look at LinkedIn on the positive side then you can also earn money using LinkedIn, which is a powerful job searching social media stage. A new question arises is what should you do and what should not do to earn money from LinkedIn? What should be the manner of approach to earn money using LinkedIn.

Then you are at the right spot…!!!

In this blog, we are going to tell you about how you can earn money using LinkedIn. Here are various advanced strategies to make money on LinkedIn.

Earn Money using LinkedIn


If you are looking for some jobs for freelancing or some independent jobs. Then LinkedIn will prove a blessing for you, Just Sign up on LinkedIn Profinder, it is a marketplace for professional services which are based upon freelancing jobs. For all this, you need to Sign Up on LinkedIn where employers from different sections will be searching for expertise based upon freelancing.

So, it is one of the easiest ways to earn money with the help of LinkedIn by using your skills. If you want to get more than five job updates per month then you have to take the premium membership. You can make the payment just like in LinkedIn premium.

Jobs are available in many categories ranging from IT Professionals to writers to consultants. The work you need to do is that you should know the correct manner for availing of these services.


You can also create or join any LinkedIn group, related to your field or interests. If you have already registered on LinkedIn then you can create a group and after that, you can also call the interested members or relevant members by making use of email templates.

You can also organize some webinars, make some announcements or you can also give away some content free of cost, which will definitely increase your mailing list.

In some manners, by joining a group you can also increase your network in a learned manner. Along with the existing group member’s profiles, your profile will be displayed on the right-hand sidebar. In the turn of these, you will be provided with good exposure in your field and also find you a job. You will start earning once you have secured your job.


In LinkedIn, a product section is also available which is a magnificent opportunity for Businessmen who are willing to sell their products either in digital or physical form. You may also include your products, in the product section of your company page.

You are being provided with a huge amount of features such as YouTube commercials, contact information, landing pages, and many more.

It also permits users to write reviews and recommendations on the product. To develop interest among the people for buying your products you can either join or create a group. By interacting with the customers you can describe your product specs. Moreover, it will also not appear like a sales pitch.


If you are uploading video directly on the LinkedIn platform then people are rewarded by LinkedIn which is based upon the number of views and on the internal algorithm. Algorithm reach is suppressed when you share a link of video from YouTube or any other video streaming apps.

The video limit on LinkedIn to upload a video is only 10 minutes. Despite this, you are recommended to keep your video short, to the topic, and informative. This brings viewers to your video. If you blend all the strategies in a perfect manner then for sure you can earn both money and views from LinkedIn. Videos on tips, How to do, and monetization help in LinkedIn monetization.


Yet it is a social media platform, interesting and informative content can also help in earning money using LinkedIn. When you write or deliver content on LinkedIn, it rewards you with growing visitors and visibility of your profile.

Your reader data is also optimized by providing you with the title of the Subject Matter Expert. You can do this easily by just tapping on the “Me” tab provided in the LinkedIn app. LinkedIn is a social media stage where you can easily get the knowledge that who is reading your article, also providing information about the employers, locations, job titles, and designation.


First, of all try to earn money using all the above-mentioned methods. When you have earned some bucks, then invest those bucks in LinkedIn advertising which will help you in increasing your income. 

As in Facebook, you can create an ad campaign that focuses on particular headcounts where you will be able to achieve your targeted audience, which will lead to receiving more leads. Resulting in creating curiosity in viewer’s minds to know about the free giveaways and about the limited offer.

If you wish then you can also pin some discount codes or promotion codes with your article. Then they will buy your product and will enable you to help in reaching your targeted audience.


Nowadays many companies are searching for affiliates through which they can promote their product and services and giving a small commission charge if sales take place. For that, you need to get in touch with their companies, promote their product or services using your page and after that, you are ready to earn some money using LinkedIn.

For getting the commission first you need to promote the product or service and after that, if someone taps on the link and purchases their service or product then you will get a commission charge. Bloggers mainly use Affiliate marketing in order to earn money.

You can also share your reviews on affiliate marketing in the groups. The best way and easiest way to earn money from any social media platform is Affiliate Marketing


To the question How to earn money using LinkedIn, many answers are available, but a few are only able to implement these. The best part of it is that you can earn money but you will not know what will happen next. It is like a snowball of goodness, this means that the bigger it the better it is.