How To Fix “sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed”

One of the most irritating things when it comes to Mac PCs is “sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed” when you are trying to copy or paste a file.

Most days, our Mac computers work like a charm, right? But then there comes a day when you get an annoying error message and you can’t focus on your work as the message just pops up several times.

The hotkeys for copy/paste in Mac PC are Command + C and Command + V if you are a new user in Mac.

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What does that mean?

When this error appears, it means that you cannot use one of the most useful things on your Mac, and that is copy/paste. We copy and paste all kinds of files every day. From text files to videos to images, just to name a few.

Most Mac users faced this problem at some point, and here in this article, we will share some simple tips that will help you get rid of it. So, he keeps reading.

Reasons Behind “Sorry, Clipboard Tampering Not Allowed” Error Message
When any kind of error message pops up on your Mac, some of the most common reasons why it happens in the first place are corrupted files, the fact that your operating system has a broken code or one of the third-party applications that is behaving wrong. In some cases, some errors in the system can cause the error to appear.

How to Correct the Error

You will find some simple ways to help you get rid of the error so that you can continue using copy/paste in the usual way. Without further delay, let’s see how to fix “sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed.”

Restart your computer

When you notice an error on your Mac, including this one, or when your computer behaves strangely, the best way to address the problem is by restarting the computer.

Sometimes it could be just a small error that will be resolved once you restart your Mac PC or even its same in Windows PC. To do that, click on the Apple icon located in the upper right corner, and when the drop-down menu appears, click Restart.

How to fix “sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed”

Open the activity monitor
If the previous solution didn’t fix the problem, it’s time to use the Activity Monitor. Follow the steps below:

Go to Applications and then to Utilities and then select Activity Monitor
Click on the search box
Type Pboard and hit the enter button
You will see pboard under Process Name
Double click on it.
Click Force Quit.
Once you are done with this, close Activity Monitor and then try using copy/paste.

Mostly it will solve your issue and you will not see the message sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed again. But if the problem is still there then it’s time for the second step.

Use terminal

You can use Terminal to fix the problem. Here is what you need to do:

Go to Applications> Utilities> Terminal
Now type killall pboard
Press enter
Finally, exit the Terminal.


The next step is to check for updates. You know that all kinds of problems can be fixed with the latest updates. This is how you can update your Mac:

Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
Then click on “About this Mac”
Now click on “Software Update”
If the update is available, you will see an “Update now” option. Click on it.