How to unlock mobile without password

Have you forgotten your password? Learn how to unlock mobile without password.

It is obvious that entering a password is advised to prevent unauthorized access to the smartphone or tablet, whether at home, at work, or if it is stolen. As long as they are not, logically, the equipment that allows fingerprint unlocking.

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How to unlock mobile without password manually

If you forget any of these unlocking options, you are very likely to experience a panic attack. However, before contacting technical support, we recommend the following options for unlocking it.

If you forget your password or pattern, one option (with versions prior to Android 7.0) is to call from another device and, while the call is active, access its options or settings by removing the pattern or password lock.

Of course, it is possible for it to fail. Then you must retry manually. However, if this is done several times without success, the smartphone or tablet will ask for the email address and password, or perhaps an alternative email address to which the recovery data should be sent.

Those who use an Android pattern prior to Lollipop (5.0), on the other hand, will be asked with a very cordial tone if the design they chose was forgotten when drawing it for the fifth time. By selecting this option, you will be able to access the cell phone with the PIN (4 to 6 numbers defined by the user and used to prevent the equipment from starting when it is turned off) or the Gmail account.

But what if you forget your PIN?

Don’t worry, because in that case, you’ll need to use the PUK (Personal Unlocking Key or Personal Unlocking Key), which is another key used to unlock the device. The operator must supply this new code. It is possible to obtain it online or to have it SMS-ed to another line number.

Google’s Smart Lock option locks and unlocks the device automatically. It is necessary to first configure it from the ‘Settings’ section, then ‘Security’ and ‘Screen Lock’.

When activated, it locks the mobile and can be told to unlock it by connecting a device via Bluetooth, facial recognition, or detection of use by the owner, which works with an accelerometer, the tool in charge of knowing that the device is mobilizing. ‘Ok Google,’ for its part, is another option.

Learn how to unlock mobile without password described in the video.

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How to unlock mobile without password through Apps

If you forget the lock screen password of an Android device, you can change it using the official Google Android Device Manager app. It’s a good way to prevent it from being accessed if your computer was left at home or stolen.

Both devices must be set up with the same Gmail account. The devices associated with that account will be displayed on the app screen. It is simply a matter of selecting the blocked device and entering a new temporary password that will serve to both block and unlock the device if the password is forgotten.

Droid Unlatch is another app that generates a special 6-number key if you forget your PIN or password. Furthermore, the app sends an SMS or an email with the code.

If all of the above fails, there is one last option before you give up. Remember that, according to the user manual, it is possible to reset it to factory settings.

It is important to note that the ‘hard reset’ deletes everything that has come before, including files, photos, videos, contacts, and so on, unless they are stored on the SD memory card. It is also important to note that the SD card must be removed from the device prior to performing the operation.

That is why it is useful to have the backup option enabled, which sends all files to Google Drive. Remember that by performing a hard reset and then reentering the Google account data, everything should be restored to normal.