What does ratio mean on Twitter [Explained]

Twitter is a microblogging site where people can express their opinion about anything but What does ratio mean on Twitter.

In simple language, the ratio is how many retweets and likes you have got against comments and quotes. Let’s talk about it in brief.

Every day several million sweets are published on Twitter, out of which many people like and ignore many. There are many such tweets on Twitter, that neither people like nor ignore. People dislike it for some reason or the other, but no dislike button has been given on Twitter.

Though Twitter has recently launched a feature called ‘Downvote’ but the feature is enabled for only replies of an original Tweet. You still cant downvote an original tweet that is not a reply to someone’s tweet.

What does ratio mean on Twitter

Then people tried its manual solution which was to comment on that post more than like or retweet. So this was called in simple language ‘ratio on Twitter’.

The ratio of likes and retweets are remained far lower than the comments or even quoting that tweet.

What does ratio mean on Twitter

Why was Ratio done on Twitter

Like any other social media network, Twitter is also a user-driven platform where users post their thoughts rather than the company.

There is no technical moderator and sometimes it can be a disadvantage rather than an advantage. The ratio was usually used to downsize Tweets that were divisive, unpopular, or generally controversial.

People used to just comment below the tweet which sends the signal that people are not liking the Tweet from that user.

How users Ratio Tweets on Twitter

When a user does not agree with the content of a Tweet then generally they comment below the tweet expressing their views, disagreement and even some users use abusive things.

The thing is that while most of the tweets on Twitter go unnoticed, few get noticed and discussed heavily. Mostly this happens between political supporters, sports lovers, people from different nations etc.

One Tweet may catch your attention and you may not agree with that and reply to that content or sometimes you quote that Tweet.

People from different background disagrees with each other which is normal but sometimes it ends up with Ratio on Twitter.

Users sometimes just put a ‘.’ or ‘*’ in the comment to deliberately Ratio Tweets on Twitter. This is mostly done by online trolls.


Let me give you a simple example and the mathematical expression so that you can understand what does ratio mean on Twitter in a better way.

Let us take an example of a Tweet from a user (The tweet is shown purely for educational purposes and belongs to its owner.)

What does ratio mean on Twitter

You can see the tweet has been retweeted 1018 times and liked by 4365 users while 253 users have replied to it.

What does ratio mean on Twitter

When you click that tweet for more information, you can find that it has 26 Quote Tweets.

So now, the mathematical formula becomes: (253+26)/(1018+4365)= 0.051. The result is quite low and we can assume that the Tweet has not been ratio.


This was the total explanation for what does ratio mean on Twitter. Yes, other social media platforms do have this ‘ratio’ thing. Likes of youtube, Facebook, Tiktok are a few examples among them.