How do You know if someone blocked You on Snapchat

If you doubt that someone has blocked you on Snapchat, but you are not able to confirm it, then this article is for you. So, for confirming it we have to do an investigation in order to prove it.


We have in our previous post discussed how to find out if someone has blocked you on Instagram.

There are a few indicators that someone has blocked you on Snapchat. Here are some examples of common indicators:

Messages not delivered: Messages sent to people who have blocked you will not be delivered. Instead of the usual blue or red arrow, you will see a grey arrow or a “pending” message status.

Unable to see their Snapchat score: You should be able to see a user’s Snapchat score, which represents their activity on the platform. However, if someone has blocked you, you will not be able to see their score.

Let’s see in detail-

Ways you can Find that A user has blocked You on Snapchat

Here are some foremost actions that you may take instantly to discover that you have been blocked on Snapchat.

1. Check your recent conversations.

The first step you have to take after a user has blocked you then first you have taken whether you can see them in your Chat history. It might be only useful when you have chatted with the user and before you have cleared your chats, The user has blocked you.

First, open your Snapchat app, Then go to the chats section. If you are doubting that you are blocked then the user also does not appear in your Chat history in spite of having recent talks with that user, It can prove a Big clue that you are blocked. Despite that, you still need to move forward to the next step.

It can also be that you didn’t have a recent chat with the user then or you have cleared your  Chat history. So, then you can jump to our next step.

2. Search their username or full name.

If you are blocked by a user and you are not able to find him/her when you are searching for them on Snapchat, It may also be due to they have deleted you from their friend’s list. But in that case, you may be able to see them on Snapchat by looking for them.

It is essential for you to know the difference between being blocked or account deleted on Snapchat. If you are being blocked by a user on Snapchat then you will not be able to trace his/her account (from any other id too), and from your blocked account you will not be able to contact him/her (but from any other id you will be able to trace him/her). 

If you are deleted from your friend’s list still you can find them in your friend’s list, while you are also permitted to send them snaps. It depends on their Privacy settings.

You are searching for the user on whom you suspect that they blocked you. Go on search located above all the conversations. Now you can start looking for the person who blocked you.

If you are searching them in your search bar and they are marked with My Friends and you are still in their friend’s list or they also may have deleted you from their friend’s list. 

If the user you are looking for does not show in the list at all in spite of you searching for him/her earnestly. Then it is feasible that you are either been blocked or they have deleted their Snapchat account.

3. Examine their username or full name using a different Snapchat account.

After you are unable to find the user you are looking for the last step is that you have been blocked by them, but this is not sufficient for confirming that you are blocked. You can also search for them using another account. In this, you have only two options:

  • Request your friend to search for the user from their respective account.
  • First, sign out from your account and after that create a new account and search for that user.

I would like to suggest that you must opt for the first option. After all, you would not have to put in any extra effort because your friends, coworkers, or your relatives have used Snapchat at least once. Then you can easily search for the person who blocked you, by searching their username (in case you remember) or you may also search them with their full name.

You can also make a new account. For that, you are required to sign out from your existing account. You can also install Snapchat on different devices and make a new account then tap on Sign Up and make a new account for yourself.

You are required to provide your name, your Date of birth, then create a username and a password for your account. Then you are also asked to provide your phone number or you may also opt for an email address.

Now go and use your new account id, look for the person who has blocked you. If your friend or you are able to find the user account which you were searching for then it’s confirmed that your account was blocked by that person.

If any of the steps which were mentioned above does not work then it is for sure that your friend has relatively deleted their account.

Wrapping Up someone blocked you on Snapchat

So these were the easy steps to find out if a user has blocked you on Snapchat. If you have any suggestions or queries then you can comment below or write to us.