How To See Worldwide Trends on Twitter in 2022 | Trending on Twitter

Today I will describe how to see worldwide trends on Twitter without using any app and then using the app. And what is the use of topics trending on Twitter, this post will explain in detail.

We usually look at trends to see the trending topic to get updated about the latest news and topics.

Twitter, like Facebook, is a social media app. Trends are hot topics denoted with a ‘#’ that is being discussed the most on Twitter. When you click on a trend, you’ll be taken to the Twitter search results for that trend, where you’ll see all of the tweets that contain that hashtag.

Trends are automatically tailored to you based on your location, interests, and the people you follow. You can also look at some trends that aren’t tailored to you by selecting a trends location. You can discover the hottest emerging topics in a specific location this way. This article will show you how to change the location of your trends.

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How To See Worldwide Trends on Twitter

Let’s start with desktop and then we will move to Android and iPhone.

How To See Worldwide Trends on Twitter in desktop

To see the worldwide trend or trend of a particular nation, log in to your Twitter account from your browser. Now as you have logged in you will find a menu bar on the left-hand side.

How To See Worldwide Trends on Twitter
How To See Worldwide Trends on Twitter

Now click on the #Explore option on the left. On the next page click the gear icon in the top right.

twitter location
How To See Worldwide Trends on Twitter

It will open the location window, and you will find that “Show content in this location” will be, by default, ticked. Just untick the option, and that will show you more location options.

Click the “Explore option” button, and you find all the locations where Twitter is available. Just choose the desired location where you want to see the trending topics.

As an example, I clicked the Austria option and below you can see now I can discover all the trending topics in Austria.

trends in different country
trending on twitter

Not only you can change or see trends of a particular nation but also you can target a particular region in a country. Like in the below example I have set the location to Delhi, India and the trends are showing for the city.

image 4
trending on twitter

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Now Lets Find out how to see in Android

Open the Twitter app on your Android Mobile.

Tap on the three-bar icon in the left-side top corner. Then you will find the option of Settings and privacy.

Then under settings and Privacy, you will find the Content preferences option. Tap on that option.

Under the Explore section, click the Explore Settings. Now disable the option ” Show Content in this location” as it is enabled by default.

Now click the Explore button that will appear once you disable show content in this location. You can enter the exact location where you want to see the trending topics.

In iPhone or iOS

Open the Twitter app on your iPhone and tap on the three-bar icon on the top of your profile icon. Now click the Settings and privacy option.

Then click the Content preferences option and then Explore settings option. Then disable the option ” Show Content in this location”. Then choose the preferred location, and now you can see the trending topics at that location.

Apps or Website

If you want to see worldwide trends on Twitter without making changes to your Twitter setting then you can download an App from the Play store called ” Live Trending Hashtags On Twitter”.

To browse trending topics on the PC, you can visit the Trends24 website and choose the desired location to find out the trending hashtags.

How To See Worldwide Trends on Twitter
How To See Worldwide Trends on Twitter

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Why can’t I see twitter worldwide trends?

By default, Twitter shows trends for your location. You have to change the settings to see trends worldwide or of a particular location.

How do I see whats trending on twitter?

Click the Explore button on the left and on the next page select the “Trending” option from the top.

Why are my twitter trends different?

Twitter shows trends based on your location. It can be different for different locations.

Wrapping Twitter trending

So these are the solutions for people who are wondering how to see what’s trending on Twitter. Knowing twitter trending worldwide will help you to curate your content according to the trending topics in a certain part of the world.

If you are a blogger or you run a news website then Twitter trendings can give you enough topics to write for the day. if you don’t know how to find blog post topics from Twitter then read our post ‘ How to find trending topics on Twitter to Write Blog Posts‘.