How to Mute Someone on Instagram in 4 steps

In this short post, we will discuss how to Mute Someone on Instagram in just 4 easy steps.

Instagram, a photo-sharing website, is extremely popular among Indian users. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has made numerous changes to improve user convenience, privacy, and security.

Instagram is as simple as it is entertaining. However, Instagram can become a burden at times. Actually, there are many users on our Instagram whose constant ‘post’ and ‘story’ updates start to irritate us.

Repeated ‘posts’ from the same user irritate us, but we can’t unfollow them even if we wanted to. In such a case, you will no longer need to leave Instagram or unfollow anyone.

Actually, you can mute any user’s post or a story in Instagram’s new feature. That is, whenever that user shares a ‘Story’ or a ‘Post’ on Instagram, that ‘Story’ or ‘Post’ will no longer appear in your ‘News Feed’. So, to solve this problem, simply follow the steps we’ve provided.

Mute Someone on Instagram

  • Open the Instagram app on your Android or iphone.
  • To mute a user’s story or post, tap on their name.
  • When you get to the profile, you’ll notice three dots in the upper right corner; tap on them.
Mute Someone on Instagram
Mute Someone on Instagram
  • There are two options at the bottom. Turn on Post Notifications and Turn on Story Notifications are two examples.
  • You can mute that user’s post or story by tapping on it.
  • Similarly, you can unmute any post or story by tapping Turn Off Post Notifications and Turn Off Story Notifications, respectively.
  • After that, you will have no problems with any user’s post or story.

Wrapping Up

So this was the easy way how you can mute someone on Instagram if they are annoying you or you don’t want to watch their story.