How to pin message and group in Telegram In 2 Easy Ways

In this post, we will discuss how to pin message and group in telegram easily so that you can find it when needed or your group members can see the message.

In a Telegram channel, group, or even personal chat you want people to read a message that has been posted by you as you think it’s important and all should read it. On Telegram group or channel, people keep sending many media files and messages throughout the day, due to which your sent message can be lost somewhere.

The best way to overcome this is to pin your message.

Similarly, if you have joined many Telegram channels or groups, then you will see all those Telegram channels which are active recently or messages that have been sent. If you have a channel or group of your own or you are more active in any group, then that group can get lost in the crowd of those groups.

If you want to read the message of a group or that group is most important to you, then you can also pin that group to your group list or user list.

So let’s learn how you can pin any message and group in Telegram.

How to pin message and group in telegram

How to Pin message

So let’s first learn how you can make a party cooler message three in your telegram channel or group so that all the respect can see the message on that day and it is read by as many people as possible.

  • The first thing that is needed for this is that you should be the admin of that group or channel, if you are only a member of that group then you cannot pin a message.
  • Update your Telegram to the latest version as some older versions do not support pinning messages.
  • First of all, you open your Telegram and go to the group where you want to pin a message.
  • Then send the message in the group or channel which you want to pin.
  • Then select the message and press the three dots beside that particular message.
  • It will open a popup menu where you will find many options and here you will find an option as ‘pin’.
  • Just press it and your message will be pinned at the top.
  • When you want to unpin the message, just press the ‘X’ beside the pinned message. And your pinned message will be unpinned.

If you are using Telegram on your PC and want to pin a message then it’s even easier.

Just open Telegram on your PC.

  • Then go to the group or channel in which you want to pin a message.
  • If you want to pin an old message of yours, then first find that message.
  • As soon as that message is found, move your mouse cursor over it and right-click.
  • As soon as you right-click, a small menu will open in which you will get the option of PIN message.
  • Click your mouse cursor over the pin message option and your message will be pinned.

How to pin a group in telegram

It is very easy to pin a group or channel on Telegram.

  • First, you select that group or channel which you want to pin.
  • Then do a long press on that group.
  • As soon as you do a long press you will see some options at the top such as delete, mute, and pin.
  • You have to select the pinned option, as soon as you press the pinned option, that group or channel will be pinned to your telegram and will always be visible to you at the top.
  • In this way, you will not miss any message or new update from that group.

End Thought on How to pin message and group in Telegram

So these were easy ways to pin message and group in Telegram. If you have any questions or suggestions, then you must tell us by writing in the comment box.

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