Set custom notification tone in Whatsapp | Remain always Online in Whatsapp

In this post, we will discuss two new tracks of WhatsApp. First is how to set custom notification tone in Whatsapp and second is how to remain always online in Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is no more a luxury anymore rather it has become a necessity. We keep in touch with our friends, family, and office colleagues through Whatsapp. On daily basis, we send numerous messages, audio, and video files to friends.

Set custom notification tone in Whatsapp

Every day we do not know how many message files we send and receive on WhatsApp. Some of them are very important, some are necessary and some are not special. There are many users whose messages we never want to miss. He can be a member of our family or a friend or a bus or someone else in the office.

But sometimes messages of important people are also missed in the crowd of messages, whose messages we did not want to miss because all your notifications on WhatsApp are the same and you do not even know who has sent you the message.

So its simple solution is to set custom notification tone in Whatsapp for every single user or for some important users.

So let us see how we can do this step by step.

  • First of all, open WhatsApp on your mobile and open the chat of the user for whom you want to set a custom alert tone.
  • Click on the username of that user, then an options window will open in front of you with options like Mute Notifications, Custom Notifications, Media Visibility, Disappearing Messages.
  • From these options, you press Custom Notifications, and at the top tick the option with Use Custom Notifications. As soon as you click on that option, you will see that all the options below have become active.
  • Then you press on the notification tone, then you will see all the notification tones which are present. Apart from the default, you can select any notification that you remember.
  • Not only for individual users, but you can also set custom alert tones for groups as well.

Remain always Online in Whatsapp

There are many people who stalk you on WhatsApp. Always keep checking when you are online, when you are offline, what is your last seen. If you want that no user can see your last seen or whether you are online or offline, then you can adopt this small trick with the help of which you will always be able to see online on WhatsApp.

For this, you have to first download the marriage of WhatsApp. If you do not know how you will download it for your PC then you can download it from their official website.

After downloading this app, you have to install it on your laptop or PC. As soon as you install this app you will see a QR code.

You have to open WhatsApp on your mobile and press the three dots given on to right. Inside it, you will see the option of ‘Linked Devices’, you have to press it.

As soon as you press it, then a new page will open in which you will see an option ‘Link a new device’. You have to press it and after that, you have to give your phone’s password or fingerprint.

A QR code scanner will open now scan the QR code of WhatsApp installed on your pc with that QR code scanner.

And You will be logged in, now you can even remain online on your PC even though your mobile does not have an active internet connection.

So in this way, you can remain always online on Whatsapp.


We hope you like these two tricks of Whatsapp. If you want to know something more about WhatsApp then comment below. Also, comment below about your favorite and most used WhatsApp trick.