Whatsapp Community Feature to be launched soon

Whatsapp Community Feature: WhatsApp will launch ‘Communities,’ a feature that will compete with Zoom.

Recently Whatsapp has launched many updates which include sending once seen messages, sending images without compression, remaining online on your Whatsapp desktop even if your phone is not connected to the internet, etc.

WhatsApp has evolved into a communication tool that goes beyond personal messages. The platform is expanding its functionalities to help with some work tasks, and as part of that, they are creating ‘Communities.’

Although many companies have used other platforms to communicate with their colleagues, the popularity of WhatsApp, as well as its ease of use, has ensured that it remains one of the primary work tools.

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What will the new WhatsApp Community feature consist of?

According to XDA Developers, following a revision to WhatsApp version, they are developing a new functionality called ‘Communities,’ which will allow you to create groups to which members can join through a link, numeric code, or QR, similar to how members join a virtual meeting on platforms like Zoom.

On this occasion, no image or first details about how it will work have been revealed; nor has it been stated what differences it will have with the current WhatsApp groups, if both functions will coexist, or if it is an improvement over the current groups.

The parallels with WhatsApp groups

According to this preliminary information, Whatsapp Community Feature will be similar to WhatsApp groups. One of them is that it will have administrators who will be able to create links for other users to join, control permissions and access for new administrators, and change the community’s description.

Many feel that Whatsapp Community Feature is launched to compete with the Telegram Channel feature that has been a hit among digital creators.

So far, no additional information has been provided about this new functionality. However, there are many new features on the way that you can enjoy with your Whatsapp indefinitely and learn new Whatsapp hacks by visiting our blog on a regular basis.