Is coding required for Blogging and SEO.

Is coding helpful for blogging and SEO? Will it help you in growing your blog and why you should start learning code and especially HTML coding that will help you make your blog better. SEO and Blogging History of blogging Most people agree that the 1st blog was, created in the early 90s by then-student Justin … Read more

20 Best chrome extensions for Bloggers – Updated

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SEO tools  Are you a blogger and struggling to create content and manage your on-page SEO ?? I have handpicked 20 chrome extensions for bloggers that are just awesome. These 20 Chrome extensions will help you in optimizing your blog, do keyword research, and write better content. SEO tools are super expensive to buy and … Read more

Things Nobody Told You About SEO but must know facts

Things Nobody Told You About SEO. What is an SEO No matter what is your blog or website is all about but if you want to rank higher then you have to apply SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the way of optimizing your website for search engines to get organic or free traffic.   This is the … Read more

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What is a Sitemap and how to create it in 2021

Many bloggers and website owners complain that their website or blog doesn’t get indexed by Google, Bing, or other search engines.   Is your website or blog is among them? Then here is the solution. The answer might be your site doesn’t have a sitemap, and that’s why the search engine crawler doesn’t crawl your full site. Then what is … Read more