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Doing SEO for your own blog or for a client website ?? Get yourself educated about google core algorithm update 2020 also.

SEO tools are super expensive to buy and especially if you are new to blogging. But there are options to buy them from the group buy. Though in the group buy you have some limitations, but if you are only managing your blog or website then it is more than sufficient.

Chrome extensions for SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization which increases the website's visibility and drives more traffic to it. After google algorithm update 2020, the whole SEO eco-system has been changed, and now it's more work rather than depending on connections.

Earlier in the 90s companies and large firms introduced the concept of SEO. They started by hiring SEO experts as it was all about keyword stuffing and backlinks.

In early 2000, companies started taking a keen interest in SEO as they wanted to grow their online presence. So SEO in the digital market has changed over the years. In today's world, SEO is very different from previous SEO practices. Nowadays organic searches and search traffic are given priority on the SERP (search engine page).

It's a fast-evolving industry and you have to keep a tab on things that are changing.

SEO is no longer an easy job that people pretend or writes on social networking sites or it was up to the early 2000s. It needs a lot of effort and dedication nowadays. It's very hard to remember all the things by yourself as SEO depends on a lot of on-page, off-page, and technical activities and parameters.

Why you need chrome extensions

As a part of SEO, we often search for keywords, backlinks, DA, PA, spam score, and much more. We visit several sites for this information and also we open different tabs for different websites. In the whole process, we end up opening a bunch of tabs making ourselves confused.

Browser extensions can make things easy or you can say less complicated hence you can focus more on your work rather than managing the tabs and remembering the content.

So let me list out some life-saving chrome extensions for you that will really help you. Chill guys, just joking, here goes the list of the 20 Best chrome extensions for SEO.

Ubersuggest 2.0 

It helps you to do keyword research, with the google result page it also shows the search volume, search difficulty, and CPC for the keyword you entered in the sidebar of the page.

It provides you other components too like similar keywords, suggestions, etc. You also can change your target country as it shows country-based results.
It also shows you the Domain score, domain traffic, the pins available on Pinterest, Facebook links, and Backlinks on the SERP page which can help you to know where your rivals are beating you.

On September 22, 2020, Ubersuggest has updated its chrome extension. Now in addition to SERP, this extension also works in other websites where it shows the domain overview and backlink profile.

ubersuggest chrome extension update

Ubersuggest chrome extension

Keyword Surfer

Keyword surfer is another awesome keyword-finding extension, it also shows the monthly traffic for the domain, the numbers of keywords a particular page has, and also the word count.

It will help you to customize your blog post according to the top-ranking pages and also you can calculate the word to keyword ratio.

Keyword Surfer


Whatsmyserp is a free chrome extension which like Ubersuggest and KWfinder shows related keywords with their volume CPC on the SEP page itself. Whatsmyserp chrome extension is a free extension and you need to sign up through Google, Facebook, or email to start using it.

Grammarly For Chrome

Grammarly add-on for chrome is one of the most useful extensions which can help you writing content in the best possible way by checking grammatical mistakes, your content version, and other parameters so that your content is flawless and error-free.

Grammarly extension for chrome is free and there is a paid version which supports more function for better writing like plagiarism checking, Readability, Word Choice, and others.

Language Tool

language tool is an extension similar to Grammarly extension, which checks for grammatical errors, punctuations, and other writing-related matters and suggests change. The basic version is free so you can add it in place of Grammarly if you want to use free features. Language tool chrome extension consumes less memory as compared to the Grammarly extension.

Text Optimizer

Text Optimizer

Text optimizer opens a side window in chrome itself to show you the keywords you used in your post, how well written it is and suggestions to make your content better suited for your targeted audience.

Pinterest Extension

It helps you to keep things you find on the web.

The Pinterest store button lets you save any idea you find on the web so you can get back to it later.

Just click to save dinner recipes, style inspiration, home projects, and other ideas you want to try.

The Pinterest Save button also has built-in viewfinder detection technology - move any image and click on the visual search tool to find nearby views visible on Pinterest.

KW finder

This extension is provided by Magools tools and its a premium extension that lets you try it out for a week before asking you to go for its premium version.

The UI of the extension is slightly different from others as other extension shows results in the SERP page only, this extension opens up a new tab containing all the data like keyword volume, difficulty, CPC, and much more.


Serpstat is one of the most accomplished SEO extensions for chrome where you can find details about on-page SEO, page analysis, and domain analysis. 

Serpstat chrome extension

There is a service section too which is mostly for paid members but its free version offers a lot of data for analysis thus making it one of the must-have extensions.

Similarweb extension for chrome

Similarweb chrome extension shows traffic, source, ranking, bounce rate, and other parameters of the website you visit. The best feature of Similarweb chrome extension is the bounce rate and ranking factor in different countries with the traffic percentage.

Majestic backlink analyzer

This backlink test from Majestic gives you a quick way to see the power of any page based on its background information. Because Majestic crawls all over the web, it does not have to rely on third parties for information. You will instantly see Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and Visible Flow scores for any web page directly in the URL bar and you can see a summary of the number of domains and URLs associated with this page.

Topical Trust Flow now integrated tool This shows you the title (or category) of each backlink.

Free provided information includes Link profile charts, Link URL counts, Roots, and Roots level, and two Flow Metrics scores from 0-100 on pages you visit.

Check my links

Check out My Links is a test that links to your webpage and requires broken links.
'See my links' is an extension designed especially for web designers, developers, and content editors.

If you were editing a web page with a lot of connections, wouldn't it be nice to be able to quickly check that all the links on the page are working? This is where 'Look at my links' comes into play.

check my links chrome extension

'See my links' quickly find all the links on a web page and check them out individually. It highlights which ones work and which ones are broken, as simple as that.

You can copy all the bad links to your clipboard with one click!

HTTP response codes and full URLs for broken links are published in the Console log (Available in: 'Chrome> Tools> Javascript Console' or Ctrl + Shift + J).


ShareMetric is a Chrome extension that loads social media share counts, link metrics, and organic search visibility metrics for the current browser URL. Social share counts are loaded into the icon badge, and the drop-down menu displays a list of complete scales.


- Google + count
- LinkedIn shares
- Reddit votes
- Makes mistakes
- Pinterest shares
- Moz OpenSite Explorer Link Metrics
- Ahrefs Link Metrics (their application requires paid membership)
- SEMRush Organic Search Visibility (their app requires a paid membership)
-  Unfortunately, Twitter and Facebook share counts do not work due to changes in their APIs. It is out of our control and affects not only sharemetrics but the entire web.

The extension loads the total amount for all these networks (you can enable or disable them individually) and displays them on the badge icon, so you only need to load the icon if you wish. You can set the extension to load all the parameters in the page load or wait for the badge to load.


Wappalyzer uncovers the technologies used in a website like content management systems, payment gateways, frameworks, analytics software, and much more thus making it easy to spy on your competitor's technologies.

The below image describes how wappalyzer analyses the used technology by any website.
Wappalyzer chrome extension


This extension is actually included in your chrome browser. 

Run it: open Chrome DevTools, select the Audits panel, and hit "Run audits".

Lighthouse chrome extension
This will show you performance, accessibility, SEO, and best practice for both mobile and desktop.

Keywords everywhere chrome extension

Keywords Everywhere is a freemium extension that shows you the monthly search volume, CPC, and competition data on 15+ websites. What free users get: Keywords Everywhere(KW) shows you the Trend chart, Related keywords and people also search for, keywords in widgets on the right-hand side of SERP. KW everywhere also presents the organic traffic and the top keywords for all pages on Google. On YouTube, they can also view the Insights widget, as well as the Tags widget. Additions for paid users: To see the monthly search volume of a keyword, cost per click, competition, and trend data, users need to purchase credits. Paid users can also see the historical search volume along with the trend chart. and other details provided to free users.

Moz SEO toolbars for chrome

Moz SEO toolbar for chrome shows you DA, PA, and spam score for every website you visit thus you don't have to check manually the DA, PA, or spam score of a website before creating backlinks there.

SEO Quake

This extension has both dashboard and SERP overlay where you can find many SEO-related metrics like ranking, traffic, indexed page (in google, bing), age, and many more which will help you assess your page and also pages where you want to create backlinks.
download seo quake extension

Mix extension for chrome

Its social sharing extension lets you share things you find interesting over the internet, you can also share your blog posts or website material on social media.

Who is hosting the Chrome extension

This extension lets you know where your rivals are hosting their site. 


These 20 chrome extensions for SEO are best on the web. You can try all these 
extension by yourself and if you have any query or suggestion please feel to comment 

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