How to delete WhatsApp message after time limit

In this post, we will discuss how to delete WhatsApp message after time limit if you have forgotten to delete them within time.

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging program, has a number of features that aim to improve the user experience.

We’ve seen a lot of features like this in the past that provide users a unique experience. Whether it’s the Disappearing Message feature or the View Once feature.

Users may always expect something new from the organization. As can be observed, nearly everyone nowadays utilizes WhatsApp. A range of alternatives is available, ranging from messaging to video calling, and from exchanging documents to making payments to someone.

In past, we have discussed how to download a status from WhatsApp, how to disable WhatsApp notifications or how to see deleted messages.

We use WhatsApp to send messages to our friends, friends, family, or people at work. We do not know how many messages we send and receive every day. But sometimes by mistake, we send a message to a person to whom we did not have to send that message or we write something which is not correct or it is not correct information.

In such a situation, WhatsApp provides a great feature which is Delete for All. If we have sent a message to someone by mistake or that message is wrong, then we can delete that message for us and for whom we have sent it within 1 hour. But after 1 hour this feature does not work and only we can delete that message from our mobile.

But now we will tell you such an easy way, with the help of which you can delete the message sent by you even after 1 hour and that too from the mobile of both.

So let’s find out how to delete WhatsApp message after time limit.

Delete WhatsApp message after time limit

Let’s talk about how you can delete WhatsApp message for all even after 1 hour.

  • First of all, put your phone in flight mode.
  • After that do a long press on the WhatsApp icon, you will get many options above, out of which you have to select App Info.
  • After that, you force stop WhatsApp.Then you go inside your phone’s settings and click on the date and time inside it.
  • By default mobile phone has the option to set the date and time automatically, you can turn it off.
  • And then set the time manually.
  • While setting the time, keep in mind that you set the time within 1 hour of sending the same message.
  • Now switch your phone from flight mode to online mode and open your WhatsApp.
  • Then go to the chat from where you want to delete the message.
  • Select that message and delete that message for everyone by selecting Delete and All.

Wrapping Up

So it was the easiest way to delete WhatsApp message after time limit without any third-party app or mod apk.

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