How To Increase Your CTR (Click Through Rate) By Using Google Ads!

Google Ads is an internet marketing platform developed by Google which was previously known as Adwords. It is an advertising program owned by Google that enables advertisers to display short ads, product offers, service offerings, and video clips to web visitors. It can place ads on both search results pages (the first two results on the search results list) and on non-search sites, partner websites, and video clips. The cost per click on Google AdWords is bid based on a keyword’s relative importance when searchers search for it.

Keywords, also called targeted keywords, are those words searchers type into the search box when searching for information about a particular product. Using pay per click marketing (PPC) campaign with Google Ads gives web owners an affordable way to advertise their products and services on the web. It allows you to create ads that display on search results pages and on Google partner websites and platforms.


keyword planner

A Google AdWords keyword planner determines which keywords will be most beneficial to your pay-per-click marketing campaign. The keyword planner contains lists of popular keywords, as well as general niche and industry terms. Based on the relevancy of your chosen keywords to your business and industry, a target keyword will be selected. The next step is to optimize your ad copy. Incoming links, which include anchor text, must also be relevant to the ad copy.


Optimizing your Google Ads campaign is essential if you want to see results. There are several ways to do this, including through automation and integration with other ad copy and PPC tools. Google AdWords Keyword Tool is an automated program that displays PPC statistics for various keywords. This tool enables you to analyze keywords, their benefits, cost per click, and ROI. In addition, you can determine which keywords will bring you the highest return on investment.

AdWords keyword tools collect data throughout the pay-per-click campaign and then distribute it into several ad groups. Ad groups are groups of related ads. For instance, there could be an ad group for mortgage leads, another for real estate, and yet another for mobile phone applications. When potential customers search for a keyword related to your product or service, your ads are displayed based on the quality score of your chosen keywords. The higher the quality score, the more likely your ads will be clicked and shown on search results pages.

Keyword Match Type Ads are keywords that are searched during the same search the advertisers are conducting. These keywords are matched with an appropriate PPC ad from Google AdWords. Since the advertisers can choose the specific type of ads that match their keywords, it is important that those ads are relevant to the user search query. Google AdWords provides advertisers with several options to help them decide what types of PPC ads to display.

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