WordPress 5.6 – What to Expect From the Next Major Release

The all-new WordPress 5.6 

WordPress 5.6 has just been released a few days ago and it has been named SIMONE after the great performer Nina Simone, and it’s the final major release of 2020. The next release which will be WordPress 5.7 will be on March 9, 2021, as per WordPress official statement. This release is loaded with many new enhancements and upgrades. It even comes with a brand-new default theme that is called “Twenty Twenty One“. In this brief article, we’ll share what’s new in WordPress 5.6 and which upgrades you should try out after updating your sites.

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The first major change on WordPress is the new default theme that has been added but this will hardly matter to anyone as less than 5% of users use the default theme.

More block patterns have been added in WordPress 5.6 as compared to 5.5. Now you have more customizing options.

More block pattern

WordPress also has added an improved video captioning option, so now you can now add videos to your blog post or pages with caption and subtitles.

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Auto-update was available for only developers for previous versions but from WordPress 5.6 update is available for all users.

WordPress has made some major changes to jQuery starting from 5.5 and will continue till 5.7, so if you find there are some errors in your website after updating to 5.6 then WordPress has advised you to install the jQuery migrate plugin.

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