How e-commerce is different from e-business

You want a book urgent but feeling too lazy to get dressed and go out? Then just grab your mobile and check for the book in any online bookstore. See, it’s just a click away and thanks to online shopping. For the past few years, an online shop is gaining popularity as fast and easy shopping.  I think you’re already familiar with the words e-commerce and e-business, but do you know the difference between e-commerce and e-business?


Ecommerce is the online platform for buying and selling, and e-business is the source from where the online business deals.  To know more in detail, let’s find out more about these two online business concepts.

What is e-business?

E-business is known as an electronic business, is conducted with the help of the internet. Through e-business, you can deal with selling and buying products, providing different services, communicating with clients, employees, and partners.


You will find two types of e-business:

•             Click and brick: the business that exits both offline and online.


•             Pure-play:  the business that only exists online.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is the online platform where you can order, deal, sell and pay for any product. All these can be done online.

The types of e-commerce are:

•             B2B: the platform where businesses are dealt with only business.

•             B2C:  in this platform, businesses are conducted with customers.

•             B2G: The platform where transactions are done between business and government.

•             M-commerce: Online business is done on mobile phones like the iPhone and Blackberries.

•             C2C: Here business is done among customers.

•             C2B: the only platform where transactions are done between customers to the business.

•             P2P: In this platform, users share important files and resources online.

What are the differences between e-business and e-commerce

Till now you have to understand that both businesses are different. Let’s point out the difference:

E-commerce is not a separate business; it is part of e-business.

E-business works with electronic medium, on the other hand, e-commerce has its own office with employees who contact customers online.

E-commerce works in the business with money transactions only but e-business works with different monetary activities.

E-commerce is based on the internet but e-commerce is based on offline and online activities.

The benefits of e-business and e-commerce

Through e-business and e-commerce, the shopping concept has gone crazy. People are liking this platform, and gradually they are getting fully dependent on it. You can say this concept comes full of benefits. The benefits are:

The amount of time and money for your business gets reduced.

There is no certain period required to run these businesses. You can manage your time per your requirement as the internet is available 24/7.

You will not face any local restrictions while doing this business

Tracking business growth is easy and fast

You can reach your customer faster than ever.

The disadvantages of e-commerce and e-business

Yes, you can also face different problems while doing online business. Like:

•             In online business, there are no physical activities. You have to pick and buy products online without touching or feeling. So here trust issue is the main factor, and there is no guarantee

•             You have to wait for the product as it requires time to deliver. It is not like a physical shop that you pick, grab and use the product instantly. After confirming the order, you have to wait for the product for 3-5 days. So patience is required in online shopping.

•             Scammers are everywhere, especially online. Actually the online is the easiest one to hack and rob customers.  You have to be careful before doing business online.


Thinking of doing business online then you have to understand the difference between e-commerce and e-business. Because it is important to have knowledge about these business platforms.  E-commerce is an important part of e-business. You have to decide which business will work for you to invest your time and money properly to flourish your online business. If you want to develop your e-commerce website, you can consider zoom it to develop a secured website for you. Check out the website for more details and take proper steps to do business.

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