How To Start A Blog In India Easily In 2021

In this post, I will guide you on how to start a blog in India step by step and be successful in minimum time. I will also tell you how to earn money from your blog because that is the ultimate goal of every user who starts blogging and devotes so much time to it.

How To Start A Blog In India
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India had 302 million internet users in 2015, which is now stands at 761.29 million and projected to touch almost one billion by 2025.

So the bottom line is with the number of increasing users, the number of people consuming information also increasing. People are searching for everything under the sun online.


Key Steps In How To Start a Blog In India :

  1. Explore your area of interest.
  2. Choose a niche based on it.
  3. Choose a platform ( Blogger / WordPress).
  4. Connect a domain to your blog.
  5. Post your content.
  6. Promote your blog and be patient.
  7. Use Adsense or another network for earning.
  8. Be consistent.

Exploring your area of interest :

Exploring the area of interest is crucial to start a new blog in India. Do a lot of research and reading before you start. Explore yourself, your idea, and your way of life. This is important because you cannot write about something you don’t have an interest in. So keep exploring and improving yourself. To know yourself is the essential thing in this career.

It is always better to start with a micro-niche blog as it is easy to rank and you need less authority to rank on the first page of the search result.


Choose a niche :

Picking a niche or subject is quite possibly the most significant stride in contributing to a blog and the most important part start a blog in India or anywhere. Continuously ensure you choose a specialty that requests to you and is intrigued to expound on. Don’t aimlessly pick a thing figuring you can rake in some serious cash by contributing to a blog about it. This is not a supportable methodology. Pick some unacceptable specialty, and you are now out of the game.

You will wind up burning through such an extensive amount of your time in vain. Your thing ought to mix your advantage (supposed enthusiasm) and ought to have the actual money-related worth. You can’t show something which you haven’t attempted or experienced yourself. If you do, individuals would immediately recognize that. Also, you don’t need that on the off chance that you need to be a fruitful blogger.

How To Start A Blog In India In 2021
How To Start A Blog In India

Choose a platform :

The most common platforms in India are WordPress and Blogger. Picking where to fabricate the blog is perhaps the primary choice before publishing content to a blog. There is likewise an assortment of stages, which causes it simpler to feel confounded.

WordPress is quite possibly the most mainstream writing for a blog stage out there. It is likewise to use one of the most excellent writing for a blog stage on the planet, with innumerable modules and additional items. You can again look over a broad scope of plans and formats for your blog.

Blogger-Is another stage to begin contributing to a blog from. It is the second most mainstream stage after WordPress.

Many bloggers, particularly the ones in movement, food, design, and way of living space, start their writing for a blog vocation by making an Instagram profile. It is probably the most straightforward approach to begin and test waters. Whenever you have constructed your underlying adherent base, you would then move to a more nitty-gritty blog.

How To Start A Blog In India
How To Start A Blog In India

Connect a domain to your blog :

While on WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and other comparative stages, you can begin publishing content to a blog for nothing; they do accompany disadvantages. You can’t wholly adapt free online journals. You can likewise not transfer every one of the recordings and pictures you would need to impart to your perusers.

A self-facilitated blog, then again, we should you be the genuine proprietor of your blog. You can pick any blog name you like. It very well may be your “” or “ You can likewise decide to end it with .com,, .in, net, .organization, or some other web addition. A .com area expansion ought to be generally liked; however, .net or .organization functions admirably as well.

Presently if you think self-facilitating and the ideal space name will beg to be spent, reconsider! It can cost you just $5 or Rs. 250 every month. Likewise, you can enlist your space name, which can cost around $10 or Rs.500 each year, and use it to divert it to your free blog.

Some popular hosts to consider in India are:

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Dreamhost
  3. Hostinger
  4. WP engine

You can also try new hostings like Sparrowhost that offers hosting at a low price or others to get a really low price offer.

If you are sure that you want to start a WordPress blog, you can opt for WordPress hosting rather than shared hosting. You will get some additional benefits in WordPress hosting.

Post your content :

You can either post your creative content, which is ideal for the long run, or you can hire writers to do your work. You can invite guest writers or paid writers for this work. Make sure the content is SEO optimized and is 100% unique. Avoid content with plagiarism.

Promote your blog and be patient :

Since we have gone through the underlying strides of publishing content to a blog in India, the following thing that needs immediate consideration is expanding traffic and building an after. A fruitful blog isn’t simply made out of extraordinary composition.

It needs a similarly effective advertising plan as well! Creating traffic and ensuring your blog contacts the right crowd is significant. Here are the means by which you can go about it,

Make your quality felt.

Remark on different websites and stay dynamic via web-based media stages and gatherings. This can help fundamentally in carrying traffic to your blog.

SEO (Web optimization)

Be aware that your blog is search engine-oriented. You can do as such by utilizing basic hunt inquiries all through your composition. This way, your blog will show up on the highest point of web search tool result pages, and more individuals will probably peruse your posts. You can utilize Google Examination or some other traffic measurements programming to screen this traffic.

Turning into a guest blogger

These are articles you can compose for some blog/sites other than your own. These visitor presents will interface back on your blog and will assist you with getting perceived by more current perusers. It will likewise better your odds of showing up on a web index. Composing visitor posts is an extraordinary method to take advantage of more current crowds.

Be patient

Being patient is the key. You cannot earn your dream in a single night. For some, it might take few days, for some a few months and years. Never lose hope and keep trying.

Using Adsense or another network for earning.

This is a particular shot method to bring in cash out of a blog. When your blog is creating a good measure of traffic, you can begin coordinating advertisements on to it. You can pick which advertisement will be shown on your blog and set a cost for these promotions.

Publicists will straightforwardly reach out to you if there should be an occurrence of direct advertisements, saving you the expense of a middle person. You will be paid a commission each time your peruser taps on an ad. You can decide to charge these promoters on either a week-by-week or month-to-month premise. Google AdSense, BuySellAds, TribalFusion, and BlogAds are a portion of the publicizing networks which you can use to adapt your blog.

As a blogger, you may be enticed to telecommute at first however, working from a collaborating restaurant is the best choice you can make. New businesses like my HQ give you admittance to numerous restaurants and coffeehouses that will keep your sound and your inventiveness streaming.

It is the ideal combination of expert and easygoing, and you get all work basics like free quick wifi, writing material, agreeable seats with plug focus, and then some. Envision constructing your blog from an adaptable, easygoing climate while you network with similar experts!

Wrapping Up How To Start A Blog In India

These are some simple steps to how to start a blog and make money in India. You can choose blogging platforms in India as per your budget and need. You can choose the language for a blog as per user and topic. You can start your blog in any language like English, Hindi, or any regional language. But I will suggest you to start your blog in English or Hindi as you will get a wide range of audiences for these languages.

FAQs How To Start A Blog In India

How much does it cost to start a blog in India?

It depends on the size and platform. You can start with zero investment on the Blogger platform, but I will advise you to buy a hosting and domain. A custom domain gives you more advantages over a free platform like Blogger or

How much does a blogger earn in India?

It depends on your niche and traffic. You can earn multiple lakhs even, but you need to devotee a lot of time and effort. And the most important thing is keeping your patience intact.

How do Indian blogs make money for beginners?

There are multiple platforms to earn from your blog. You can earn from different Ads platforms like Adsense, Ezoic, A-ads, Propeller Ads, MediaNet, Adthrive, etc. You can also earn from affiliate marketing.

Do bloggers make money?

Yes, bloggers earn money from their blogs. You can learn from the post how to start a blog In India and start earning money.

How can I make $1000 a month blogging?

If we calculate an Ideal condition to earn $1000 in a month, you need to earn $35 every day. If we calculate that you want to earn this amount from AdSense, then the average CPM is $5 ($5 for 1000 views). Then you need 7000 views per day to earn $35 per day and 210000 users on your website every month.

How To Start A Blog In India?

In the above post, I have described in detail how To Start A Blog In India.

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